Staff by Department

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Austin Araujo
Editorial Assistant            

Elliott Beard
Designer            (650) 723-6808

Susie Chavez
Marketing Communications Specialist            (650) 725-0823

Christopher Cosner
IT Manager            

Meide Guo
Accounts Payable and Desktop Support            (650) 723-9598

Thane Hale
Editorial Assistant            

Lizzie Haroldsen
Marketing/Publicity Assistant            (650) 497-3033

Kristen Harrison
Rights and Contracts Manager            

Alan Harvey
Director            (650) 723-6375

Sabrina Huynh
Marketing, Publicity, and Sales Assistant            (650) 724-7271

Margo Irvin
Acquisitions Editor
Areas of acquisition: History and Jewish Studies            

Melissa Jauregui Chavez
Marketing, Publicity, and Sales Assistant            (650) 723-0005

Bridget Kinsella
Publicist            (510) 465-3853

Su-Mei Lee
Royalties and Accounts Receivable            (650) 725-0837

Cindy Lim
Editorial Assistant            

Dan LoPreto
Acquisitions Editor
Areas of acquisition: Global Studies, International Affairs, Environmental Politics            

Gigi Mark
Senior Production Editor            (650) 724-9990

Marcela Maxfield
Executive Editor
Areas of acquisition: Sociology and Law            

Caroline McKusick
Associate Editor
Areas of acquisition: Humanities            

Tiffany Mok
Production Editor            (650) 725-0828

Jasmine Mulliken
Digital Production Associate            (650)721-7196

Emma Mundorff
Assistant Marketing and Sales Manager            

Richard Narramore
Executive Editor
Area of acquisition: Business            

Chris Peterson
Senior Production Editor            (650) 736-0719

Mike Sagara
Production Manager            (650) 725-0839

Aaron Sagara
Administrative Services Administrator            (650) 724-8697

Adam Schnitzer
Marketing and Sales Director            (650) 725-0820

Rebecca Schrader
Interim Director of Finance and Operations            (650) 725-0838

Kendra Schynert
Social Media Specialist            (650) 736-1781

Emily Smith
Senior Production Editor            (650) 736-0686

Kate Wahl
Publishing Director, Editor-in-Chief
Areas of acquisition: Middle East Studies, Redwood Press            

Michele Wetherbee
Art Director            

Erica Wetter
Executive Editor
Areas of acquisition: Literature, Media, and Philosophy            

Dylan Kyung-lim White
Acquisitions Editor
Areas of acquisition: Anthropology and Asian Studies            

Ekaterina Zhigalova
Book Production Coordinator            (650) 725-0836

David Zielonka
EDP Director            (650) 724-5365