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Kate Wahl
Publishing Director, Editor-in-Chief
Areas of acquisition: Middle East Studies, anthropology, Redwood Press.            (650) 498-9420

Alan Harvey
Areas of acquisition: Security Studies, International Relations, and Political Science            (650) 723-6375

Erica Wetter
Executive Editor
Areas of acquisition: Literature, Philosophy, and Religion            (650) 725-7717

Steve Catalano
Senior Editor
Areas of acquisition: Business and Economics            (650) 724-7079

Marcela Maxfield
Senior Editor
Areas of acquisition: Sociology, Law, and Asian Studies            (650) 498-3396

Friederike Sundaram
Senior Editor
Areas of acquisition: Digital Humanities and Computational Social Sciences.            (650) 736-8207

Margo Irvin
Acquisitions Editor
Areas of acquisition: History and Jewish Studies            (650) 498-9023

Faith Wilson Stein
Associate Editor            (650) 497-4991

Caroline McKusick
Assistant Editor            (650) 498-9420

Sunna Juhn
Editorial Assistant            (650) 736-0597

Cindy Lim
Editorial Assistant            (650) 724-7080