Paletó and Me
Memories of My Indigenous Father
Aparecida Vilaça


Contents and Abstracts
1 Death without Cannibalism
2 The Encounter
3 The Peccary Brother
4 The Houses
5 Escaping Death for the First Time
6 The First White and Other Wars
7 The Stone Axe, the Dream of Paris, and the Bachelor House
8 The Jaguar Mother-in-Law
9 The Wives
10 Escaping Death for the Second Time: The Massacre
11 The Bewitched Bride and Poison in the Houses
12 Meeting the Whites
13 Sexy
14 Talking with the Bishop and the Misunderstandings of Contact
15 The Epidemics
16 Guajará-Mirim, Brazil
17 Meeting the Missionaries
18 In the Land of the Priests
19 Becoming a Believer
20 One Coach Station, Two Airports, and a Titanium Leg
21 When the Water Meets the Clouds and the Fish-Men
22 The Animals Who Are People, the Big Rock, and the Bones of the Dead
23 The Slippery People and the Big Television
24 Making Kin
25 The Farewell