Cover of Digital Relationships by Jason Davis
Digital Relationships
Network Agency Theory and Big Tech
Jason Davis


February 2023
288 pages.

Hardcover ISBN: 9780804791106


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Why do so many organizations fail to mobilize the social networks of employees to respond to disruptions, innovate, and change? In Digital Relationships, Jason Davis argues that individual and organizational interests about networking can come out of alignment such that the network ties that individuals form are organizationally sub-optimal for achieving their most ambitious goals. Developing a new perspective about networks and organizations, he explains through network agency theory how network problems emerge, the role of digital technology adoption by organizations in amplifying misalignment, and the capacity of managers and function of the executive to resolve agency problems and mitigate their impact. Drawing on over a decade of qualitative research in US, Asian, and European "big tech" companies and new analytical and computational modeling, this book offers new interpretations and solutions to the pathologies that emerge from organizationally detrimental networking behaviors and in the face of managerial interventions.

About the author

Jason Davis is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD. His work has been published in top academic journals, such as the Administrative Science Quarterly, The American Economic Review, and the Strategic Management Journal.