2nd Edition, by Thomas Miceli
2nd Edition, by Thomas Miceli
2nd Edition, by Thomas Miceli

This Web site provides materials for both students and instructors, and will be updated over the life of The Economic Approach to Law, Second Edition.

Review of Microeconomics

This review was included as an Appendix to Chapter 1 in the first edition of the text.  It is an excellent review for readers who care to brush up on microeconomics.

Key Points

The key points review the highlights of each chapter, emphasizing recurring themes across chapters.  These are meant to serve as helpful study guides; they should also assist in showing students how economic theory can provide a unifying theory of law.


The cases provide the edited text of key appellate and Supreme Court decisions discussed or referenced in the book.  These could be used as supplemental readings and/or for written assignments.  This section of the site also offers additional cases beyond those discussed in the book for select chapters.

Discussion Points

The discussion points provide additional information or analysis of various topics discussed in the book, as well as relevant news items.

Further Discussion Questions and Paper Topics

These questions supplement the discussion questions at the end of each chapter.  They are meant to stimulate classroom discussion and/or provide topics for short papers or written assignments.

Graduate Notes

The graduate notes provide supplementary analysis of selected topics in each chapter for use in Master’s or Ph.D. level courses.  In most cases, the notes employ technical analyses that require some mathematical sophistication.

Sample Syllabi

The syllabi show sample course outlines for an taught in an Economics department.  In the latter case, the outline provides suggested outside readings from the scholarly literature on Law and Economics.

Instructor’s Manual (password protected)

The Instructor’s Manual (IM) highlights key points from each chapter in the book, and provides suggested answers to all of the end-of-chapter questions and problems.  The preface to Instructor’s Manual, which is available on the password protected portion of the site, provides a richer overview of the IM’s contents and uses.


This section of the site offers Web links to useful resources.