Index of Authors, Editors, and Translators

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Abbott, Isabella A. [Author], Marine Algae of California
Abrams, Herbert L. [Author], ‘The President Has Been Shot’
Abu-Remaileh, Refqa [Author], Country of Words
Adams, Thomas K. [Author], The Army after Next
Adams, Walter [Author], The Bigness Complex
Adamson, Matthew [Translated by], In Other Words: Essays Toward a Reflexive Sociology
Adkins, Lisa [Author], The Time of Money
Adorno, Theodor W. [Author], Sound Figures
           Introduction to Sociology
           Problems of Moral Philosophy
Adorno, Theodor [Author], Metaphysics: Concept and Problems
Adorno, Theodor W. [Author], Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’
           Dialectic of Enlightenment
Agamben, Giorgio [Author], Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life
           The Man Without Content
           The Open: Man and Animal
           Opus Dei: An Archaeology of Duty
           Pilate and Jesus
           The Use of Bodies
           The Fire and the Tale
           The Omnibus Homo Sacer
           What Is Philosophy?
           What Is Real?
Agnon, S. Y. [Author], The Parable and Its Lesson: A Novella
Akhtar, Ali Humayun [Author], 1368: China and the Making of the Modern World
Albert, Georgia [Translated by], The Man Without Content
Albert, Georgia [With], Selected Writings
Albrecht, Thomas [Editor], Selected Writings
Aldrich, Howard E. [Author], Organizations and Environments
Alegría, Fernando [Author], Allende : A Novel
Aleinikoff, T. Alexander [Author], The Arc of Protection
Allen, W. David [Author], Criminals and Victims
Anderson, Betty S. [Author], A History of the Modern Middle East
           Semites: Race, Religion, Literature
           Historical Representation
           Political Representation
Ankersmit, F.R. [Author], Sublime Historical Experience
Ankersmit, Frank [Editor], Re-Figuring Hayden White
Anton, Saul [Translated by], The Discourse of the Syncope: Logodaedalus
Apostolidès, Jean-Marie [Author], The Metamorphoses of Tintin: or Tintin for Adults
Arendt, Hannah [Author], Reflections on Literature and Culture
Arnold, Helen [Translated by], Figures of the Thinkable
Arnold, Taylor [Author], Layered Lives
Arnson, Cynthia J. [Editor], Comparative Peace Processes in Latin America
Arrom, Silvia Marina [Author], The Women of Mexico City, 1790-1857
Arrow, Kenneth J. [Editor], Education in a Research University
Ascher, Abraham [Author], The Revolution of 1905: Authority Restored
           The Price of Monotheism
           Fraud: The World of Ona'ah
Attell, Kevin [Translated by], The Open: Man and Animal
Attias, Jean-Christophe [Author], Israel, the Impossible Land
           The Jews and the Bible
Auslin, Michael R. [Foreword by], The Meiji Restoration