Index of Authors, Editors, and Translators

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Babcock, Barbara [Author], Woman Lawyer: The Trials of Clara Foltz
           Handbook of Inaesthetics
           Badiou by Badiou
Baecker, Dirk [Editor], Problems of Form
Baecker, Dirk [Translated by], Social Systems
           California Plain: Remembering Barns
Bailey, Christian [Author], German Jews in Love: A History
Bair, Jennifer [Editor], Frontiers of Commodity Chain Research
           The Rhetoric of Sincerity
Baldwin, John [Author], Paris, 1200
Balfour, Ian [Author], The Rhetoric of Romantic Prophecy
Balloffet, Lily Pearl [Author], Argentina in the Global Middle East
Balogun, Oluwakemi M. [Author], Beauty Diplomacy: Embodying an Emerging Nation
Bandelj, Nina [Editor], The Cultural Wealth of Nations
Banister, Judith [Author], China’s Changing Population
Bann, Stephen [Translated by], Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World
Baptandier, Brigitte [Author], The Lady of Linshui: A Chinese Female Cult
Baranyi, Stephen [Editor], The Paradoxes of Peacebuilding Post-9/11
Barash, David P. [Author], Marmots: Social Behavior and Ecology
Barison, David [Translated by], Acting Out
Bark, Carroll [Author], Origins of the Medieval World
Barker, Stephen [Translated by], Technics and Time, 2: Disorientation
Barman, Roderick J. [Author], Brazil: The Forging of a Nation, 1798-1852
Barrett, Rhodes [Translated by], Theory of Society, Volume 1
           Theory of Society, Volume 2
Bartholomew, Mark [Author], Adcreep: The Case Against Modern Marketing
Barzilai, Shuli [Author], Lacan and the Matter of Origins
Bauch, Nicholas [Author], Enchanting the Desert
           The Illusion of the End
Baxter, Janeen [Editor], Reconfigurations of Class and Gender
Beaglehole, J. C. [Author], The Life of Captain James Cook
Beardsworth, Richard [Translated by], The Confession of Augustine
Beasley, W. G. [Author], The Meiji Restoration
Beasley, W. G. [Author], The Meiji Restoration
Bedecarré, Madeline [Translated by], The Sociology of Literature
Bednarz, John [Translated by], Social Systems
Behrens, Alfredo [Author], Culture and Management in the Americas
Bélanger, Danièle [Editor], Reconfiguring Families in Contemporary Vietnam
Ben-Shai, Roy [Author], Critique of Critique
Benbassa, Esther [Author], Israel, the Impossible Land
Bender, John [Author], The Culture of Diagram
           Ends of Enlightenment
Bendoly, Elliot [Editor], Strategic ERP Extension and Use
Benedict, Carol [Author], Bubonic Plague in Nineteenth-Century China
Bennett, Robert W. [Author], Taming the Electoral College
Bennington, Geoffrey [Translated by], The Inhuman: Reflections on Time
Bergère, Marie-Claire [Author], Sun Yat-sen
Bergo, Bettina [Translated by], Of God Who Comes to Mind
           God, Death, and Time
           On Escape: De l’évasion
Bernhardt, Kathryn [Author], Civil Law in Qing and Republican China
Bernofsky, Susan [Translated by], Celan Studies
Berris, Anthony [Translated by], Yosef Haim Brenner: A Life
Bertholf, Robert J. [Author], The Letters of Robert Duncan and Denise Levertov
Bestor, Theodore C. [Author], Neighborhood Tokyo
Biebricher, Thomas [Author], The Political Theory of Neoliberalism
Billingsley, Phil [Author], Bandits in Republican China
Binder, Guyora [Author], Felony Murder
Bishara, Azmi [Author], On Salafism: Concepts and Contexts
Blacksin, Isaac [Author], Conflicted: Making News from Global War
Blanchot, Maurice [Author], The Work of Fire
           Faux Pas
           The Book to Come
           Lautréamont and Sade
Bloch, Ernst [Author], The Spirit of Utopia
Blumenberg, Hans [Author], Care Crosses the River
Boland, Richard J. [Editor], Managing as Designing
Boletsi, Maria [Author], Barbarism and Its Discontents
Bollack, Jean [Foreword by], Celan Studies
Bond-Theriault, Candace [Author], Queering Reproductive Justice: An Invitation
Bonsall, Thomas E. [Author], More Than They Promised: The Studebaker Story
Bonsall, Thomas [Author], The Lincoln Story: The Postwar Years
Borch-Jacobsen, Mikkel [Author], The Freudian Subject
Böschenstein, Bernhard [Editor], The Meridian: Final Version—Drafts—Materials
Bose, Christine E. [Author], Global Dimensions of Gender and Carework
Bosteels, Bruno [Translated by], Badiou by Badiou
Boum, Aomar [Editor], The Holocaust and North Africa
           Homo Academicus
           The Logic of Practice
           Photography: A Middle-Brow Art
           Pascalian Meditations
           Masculine Domination
Bowlby, Rachel [Translated by], The Inhuman: Reflections on Time
           Of Hospitality
           Paper Machine
Bowman, Steven B. [Author], The Agony of Greek Jews, 1940–1945
Boyer, Allen D. [Author], Sir Edward Coke and the Elizabethan Age
Boyle, Frank Thomas [Author], Swift as Nemesis: Modernity and Its Satirist
Brady, David W. [Editor], Continuity and Change in House Elections
Brassier, Ray [Translated by], Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism
Brault, Pascale-Anne [Translated by], Resistances of Psychoanalysis
           Adieu to Emmanuel Levinas
           Rogues: Two Essays on Reason
Braverman, Irus [Author], Zooland: The Institution of Captivity
           Wild Life: The Institution of Nature
Brazell, Karen [Translated by], The Confessions of Lady Nijo
Brennan, Jonathan [Editor], Mixed Race Literature
Brenner, David [Translated by], A Systems Theory of Religion
Brett, Jeanne M. [Editor], The Handbook of Negotiation and Culture
Bridges, Khiara M. [Author], The Poverty of Privacy Rights
Brilliant, Mark [Editor], World War II and the West It Wrought
Brint, Steven [Author], Schools and Societies: Third Edition
Brinton, Mary C. [Editor], The New Institutionalism in Sociology
           Women’s Working Lives in East Asia
Britto, Paulo Henriques [Translated by], The Limits of Voice: Montaigne, Schlegel, Kafka
Brizuela, Natalia [Author], The Matter of Photography in the Americas
Brodskaya, Marina [Translated by], Five Plays
Brooks, Phyllis [Translated by], Taoism: Growth of a Religion
Brouillette, Sarah [Author], Literature and the Creative Economy
           UNESCO and the Fate of the Literary
Brown, Marshall [Author], Preromanticism
           THE GOTHIC TEXT
Brozgal, Lia [Editor], Ninette of Sin Street
Brugger, Bill [Author], Chinese Marxism in the Post-Mao Era
Bruns, Gerald [Author], On Ceasing to Be Human
           2020 Dreams
Burgess, Katrina [Editor], The California-Mexico Connection
Burk, James [Editor], How 9/11 Changed Our Ways of War
Butler, Judith [Editor], A Life with Mary Shelley
Bybee, Keith J. [Author], How Civility Works