Index of Authors, Editors, and Translators

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Earl, James W. [Author], Thinking About ‘Beowulf’
Eaton, Margaret [Author], Ethics and the Business of Bioscience
Eaves, B. Curtis [Editor], Education in a Research University
Edwards, Leah [Translated by], Problems of Form
Egginton, William [Author], Perversity and Ethics
Ehrlich, Paul R. [Author], Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic
Eicher, David J. [Author], Civil War High Commands
Eicher, John H. [Author], Civil War High Commands
Elfenbein, Andrew [Author], Romanticism and the Rise of English
           The Gist of Reading
Eliason, Leslie C. [Editor], The Diffusion of Military Technology and Ideas
Ellenbogen, Josh [Editor], Idol Anxiety
Ellsworth, Richard R. [Author], Leading with Purpose: The New Corporate Realities
Elvin, Mark [Author], The Pattern of the Chinese Past
Elvin, Mark [Editor], The Chinese City Between Two Worlds
           Israel, the Impossible Land
           Anatomy of the Passions
Emerson, Caryl [Author], Mikhail Bakhtin: Creation of a Prosaics
Engberg-Pedersen, Anders [Author], Martial Aesthetics: How War Became an Art Form
Engel, David M. [Editor], Fault Lines: Tort Law as Cultural Practice
Engerman, Stanley L. [Editor], Terms of Labor: Slavery, Serfdom, and Free Labor
Eshel, Amir [Author], Poetic Thinking Today: An Essay
Esherick, Joseph W. [Editor], The Chinese Cultural Revolution as History
Esmeir, Samera [Author], Juridical Humanity: A Colonial History
Etherington, Ben [Author], Literary Primitivism
Evnine, Simon [Author], Donald Davidson
Ewell, Judith [Author], Venezuela: A Century of Change
Ewing, Katherine Pratt [Author], Stolen Honor: Stigmatizing Muslim Men in Berlin