Index of Authors, Editors, and Translators

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Jacobs, Carol [Author], Skirting the Ethical
Jacobs, Carol [Editor], Acts of Narrative
Jacobs, F. Robert [Editor], Strategic ERP Extension and Use
Jaeger, Edmund C. [Author], The California Deserts
           The North American Deserts
           Desert Wildlife
           Desert Wild Flowers
Janack, Marianne [Author], What We Mean by Experience
Janelli, Dawnhee Yim [Author], Ancestor Worship and Korean Society
Janelli, Roger L [Author], Ancestor Worship and Korean Society
Jasper, Scott [Editor], Securing Freedom in the Global Commons
           The Point Alma Venus Manuscripts
Jemielniak, Dariusz [Author], Common Knowledge?: An Ethnography of Wikipedia
Jennings, Theodore W. [Author], Reading Derrida / Thinking Paul: On Justice
Jephcott, Edmund [Translated by], Metaphysics: Concept and Problems
           Dialectic of Enlightenment
Jespersen, T. Christopher [Author], American Images of China, 1931-1949
Johnson, Barbara [Author], A Life with Mary Shelley
Johnson, Chalmers [Author], Revolutionary Change
Johnson, Jeremy [Editor], Judging Bush
Johnson, Randall [Translated by], Practical Reason: On the Theory of Action
Johnson, Sheila K. [Author], The Japanese Through American Eyes
Johnson, Thomas H. [Editor], Culture, Conflict, and Counterinsurgency
Johnston, Alastair Iain [Editor], New Directions in the Study of China's Foreign Policy
Jones, Doris L. [Translated by], Love as Passion: The Codification of Intimacy
Jones, Grant D. [Author], The Conquest of the Last Maya Kingdom
Jones, Hannah [Author], Intersectional Design Cards
Joris, Pierre [Translated by], The Meridian: Final Version—Drafts—Materials
Judd, Ellen R. [Author], Gender and Power in Rural North China
Jury, David [Author], Book Art Object 2
Jusdanis, Gregory [Author], Fiction Agonistes: In Defense of Literature