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Stanford University Press is pleased to be publishing your book. To help us move the manuscript through the publishing process as expeditiously as possible and produce an attractive, high-quality book, we ask that you read the following guidelines and prepare your manuscript in accordance with them. Below you will find all the forms and supporting materials that should be submitted with your final manuscript.

Manuscript Preparation

For details on content, style, formatting, and delivery requirements, please read the SUP Author Guidelines.

Please also refer to the following guidelines for additional detail about specific elements, as they apply to your manuscript.


The following forms should be completed and submitted with your final manuscript.


Annual royalty statements and payments are mailed on or before December 1 for the fiscal year ending on August 31. Prior to paying author royalties, Stanford University Press is required by law to obtain a United States Social Security Number (SSN) or United States Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

For more detailed information about royalties payment and tax requirements, please read the SUP Royalties Guidelines.

Authors Fund

Any SUP author can donate all or part of their earned royalties to the Stanford Authors Fund. This fund will be used each year to underwrite a portion of the production cost of a small number of scholarly titles, primarily from younger scholars whose work deserves to be published but is likely to have a small market. All titles benefiting from this fund will include an acknowledgement on the book's copyright page, as well as a listing on our web site and in our catalogs. If you wish to join the program, please complete the Authors Fund Assignment Form.


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