Acquisitions Editors

Initial inquiries about publication should be made directly to the appropriate editor at the Press. Submit your proposal to only one editor. Materials will be shared and redistributied among editors if appropriate. Please use the following address for all individuals below:

Stanford University Press
485 Broadway, First Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063-8460

Kate Wahl, Publishing Director, Editor-in-Chief, acquires books in Middle East studies, as well as general interest titles for SUP’s trade imprint, Redwood Press. In Middle East studies, she considers the region broadly, from Morocco to Afghanistan, and also invites projects that engage the region within larger transnational and global discussions. The Middle East studies list has particular interest in the modern and contemporary periods, publishing books that consider important social, cultural, and political issues of interest to scholars, students, and the wider reading public. Proposals are eagerly welcomed for innovative work that unsettles traditional narratives and categories and offers new paradigms and modes of analysis for understanding the region. Kate joined SUP in 2001. She holds degrees in religious studies and violin performance, and remains an active musician in the San Francisco Bay Area, serving as Assistant Concertmaster of the Peninsula Symphony Orchestra.
Areas of acquisition: Middle East Studies, Redwood Press.            (650) 498-9420

Steve Catalano, Senior Editor, acquires books on the topics of business, economics, and philanthropy and nonprofit organizations. His core subject areas include emerging trends in technology and innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, as well as strategy, organization, and executive education. He is also interested in cross-discipline studies in economics that address global issues, policy, and development. These offerings make up a diverse portfolio of academic trade books, professional titles, texts for course use, and monographs. Previously, Steve acquired for Praeger Publishers and Westview Press, where he developed more than two decades of experience in academic and trade publishing.
Areas of acquisition: Business and Economics.            (650) 724-7079

Alan Harvey, Director, acquires books across the intersections of international relations and security studies, focusing on works of broad scholarship that appeal not only to the academy but also to practitioners and lay readers. This program also includes works in more mainstream political science, particularly those in the areas of presidential studies and US policy.
Areas of acquisition: Security Studies, International Relations, and Political Science.            (650) 723-6375

Margo Irvin, Acquisitions Editor, acquires in history and Jewish studies. In history, Margo's list includes modern European and world history, colonial and modern Latin American history, and a new strand in American history with a particular focus on the history of the American West and transnational US histories. She is particularly interested in projects that take up questions around histories of empire, imperialism, and colonialism; nationalism and citizenship; migration and borderlands; the history of science, technology, computing, and information; and the intersections of medicine and health with gender and race. Margo acquires for two long-running interdisciplinary series: Asian America and Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture. She is also the press editor for Stanford Studies on Central and Eastern Europe and the Cold War International History Project series. She is especially interested in receiving pitches for books that contextualize historical events in ways that speak to audiences beyond academia and engage meaningfully with contemporary debates. Before coming to Stanford, Margo was an editor at Routledge, where she commissioned books on the history of the Americas.
Areas of acquisition: History and Jewish Studies.            (650) 498-9023

Marcela Maxfield, Senior Editor, acquires books in sociology and law. Within sociology, she is interested in questions of race, class, and gender; immigration; science and technology; culture and knowledge production; and politics. Marcela also manages three series in sociology: Inequalities, Culture and Economic Life, and Globalization in Everyday Life. For the law list, Marcela seeks groundbreaking projects within law and society, criminology, constitutional law, US law and politics, and legal history. Books that engage issues of social justice and inequality fit particularly well. She oversees the series: Stanford Studies in Law and Politics, the Cultural Lives of Law. In each subject area, Marcela invites pitches from authors and agents for scholarly and trade books that shed light on topics of broad interest and public debate. She is also interested in work that pushes the boundaries of conventional scholarship, especially for consideration in SUP’s Redwood Press imprint, an outlet for books intended for a general public, and the Stanford Briefs imprint for short-form books addressing pressing issues related to current events. Prior to joining SUP, Marcela worked at Oxford University Press.
Areas of acquisition: Sociology and Law.            (650) 498-3396

Caroline McKusick, Associate Editor, acquires books in the humanities, with a particular focus on literature from the nineteenth century and earlier. She welcomes scholarly books that will have relevance and impact beyond the university. She collaborates with series editors to acquire books for the series Stanford Studies in Jewish Mysticism and Currencies: New Thinking for Financial Times; co-manages SUP’s publication of the complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche; and supports Executive Editor Erica Wetter on the full program of books in the humanities. Caroline holds a PhD in cultural anthropology from UC Davis, with a designated emphasis in critical theory.
Areas of acquisition: Humanities.            (650) 497-4991

Friederike Sundaram, Senior Editor, seeks innovative projects in the digital humanities and computational social sciences that advance research in their respective disciplines using web technologies. Acquiring in all areas represented by SUPs humanities and social sciences editors and in select subjects beyond that scope, she is particularly interested in interdisciplinary projects that harness the power of computational methods such as data visualization, geographic information systems, game-based learning, and multidimensional databases to critically investigate human experiences and cultural meaning-making. Friederike holds a master's degree in British studies, with minors in American studies and book studies, and has gained diverse experience in trade and academic publishing, both in the United States and Europe. Having joined the acquisitions team in 2013, she is the main contact for SUP's digital publishing initiative, a venture generously funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
Areas of acquisition: Digital Humanities and Computational Social Sciences.            (650) 736-8207

Erica Wetter, Executive Editor, acquires books in the humanities. Her list encompasses work in literature, critical theory, political theory, aesthetics, media, and cultural studies. She is particularly seeking projects that attempt to make significant critical interventions while asking questions of contemporary relevance. She welcomes pitches from authors and agents for accessible and broadly conceived scholarly and trade books that reflect on topics such as politics, gender, race, science, technology, and media, and she is especially open to discussing more interdisciplinary works as well as books that attempt some form of narrative innovation. Erica holds an MLIS and an MS in Environmental Studies and is also committed to publishing rigorous work in environmental humanities. Her portfolio includes the series Text Technologies, Post45, Cultural Memory in the Present, Inventions, and Sensing Media. Before arriving at Stanford, Erica was Publisher at Routledge, where she oversaw the US Media and Cultural Studies list and had the honor of working with authors including bell hooks, Kate Bornstein, Thomas Elsaesser, Joe Turow, Donna Haraway, and many others.
Areas of acquisition: Literature, Media, and Philosophy.            (650) 725-7717

Dylan Kyung-lim White, Acquisitions Editor, acquires books in anthropology and Asian studies. He is particularly interested in projects that are connected to environmental anthropology, political anthropology, and science, technology, and medical anthropology, and that are engaged in debates around racial capitalism, colonialism and Indigenous resistance, migration and borders, social and labor movements, the prison industrial complex, gender and sexuality, infrastructural systems, political ecology, and environmental justice. Within Asian studies, he is interested in work that covers similar thematic ground, and is especially interested in projects that span East, Southeast, and/or South Asian geographies, that study historical, social, cultural, and political issues from the bottom up, and that help expand an internationalist understanding of the region. He is keen to support work that can reach across disciplines, and that aims to impact not just the scholarly community but also a wider public. He also welcomes proposals from authors and agents for the Redwood Press or Stanford Briefs imprints. He is the press-side editor for several book series: Anthropology of Policy, South Asia in Motion, Spiritual Phenomena, Stanford Studies in Comparative Race and Ethnicity, and Stanford Studies in Human Rights. Previously, Dylan was an editor at UNC Press.
Areas of acquisition: Anthropology and Asian Studies.            (650) 736-4641