Legal Ethics
A Comparative Study
Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr. and Angelo Dondi


Table of Contents for Knowledge and Money

Table of Contents for

Legal Ethics



The Rule of Law and the Legal Profession; The Social Functions of Modern Law; Can a Lawyer Be Ethical?; The Law Governing Lawyers; The Relevance of Classical Philosophy

A Historical Sketch of the Legal Professions

"Judges" and "Lawyers"; The Roman Heritage; Officials Specialized in Law; Professional Knowledge and the Nature of "Law"; Upper- and Lower-Level Lawyers; The Legal Profession from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century: Classic Law Practice; Modern Law Practice; Careers in Law in the "Legalized State"; Persistent Grievances, Early Regulation

The Roles of Judge and Lawyer

Differences in Roles; Office Lawyering; Role Conflict; Judicial Corruption; Ethical Justification of Advocacy; Social Justice and Legal Aid; Access to Justice for Ordinary Citizens

The Professional "Virtues": Competence

BasicProfessional Virtues; Competence More Fully Considered; The Continental European Model; The English Model, The American Model; Practical Competence; Finding a Good Lawyer


Professional Independence; "Self-Government" of the Profession; Other Clients and the Lawyer's Own Interests; Independence from the Client; Legal Ambiguity and Ethical Ideals


Loyalty to Client: The Basic Concepts; Who Is in Charge?; Concurrent Multiple Representation; Adversity of Interest; Consent to Conflict; Conflict of Interest in Successive Representation; Commencement and Termination of Representation


Confidentiality and the Attorney-Client Privilege; Disclosure of Client Confidences; Corporation versus Corporate Official; The Boundary of Legality


Multiple Responsibilities; Candor with the Court; Good Citizenship; Relationships with Other Lawyers; Relationships within Law Firms; Legal Aid: An Obligation?; Self-Government through the Bar Association

Fees and Other Issues of Legal Economics

Regulation of Fees; Contingent Fees; Fee Disputes; The Economics of Justice; Recent Regulatory Controversies: MDP and MJP

Concluding Reflections

The "New Model" Lawyer; Pretension and Practice in Ethics; Rules and Roles; Human Rights and Business Interests