The Declared Enemy
Texts and Interviews
Jean Genet Edited by Albert Dichy Translated by Jeff Fort


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Table of Contents for The Declared Enemy



“J.G. Seeks…”

  1. Interview with Madeleine Gobeil
  2. Lenin's Mistresses
  3. The Shepherds of Disorder
  4. Yet Another Effort, Frenchman!
  5. “It Seems Indecent for Me to Speak of Myself…”
  6. Letter to American Intellectuals
  7. May Day Speech
  8. Interview with Michèle Manceaux
  9. Introduction to Soledad Brother
  10. Angela and Her Brothers
  11. Angela Davis Is in Your Clutches
  12. For George Jackson
  13. The Palestinians
  14. The Red and the Black
  15. After the Assassination
  16. America is Afraid
  17. Preface to L'Assassinat de George Jackson
  18. Meeting the Guarani
  19. On Two or Three Books No One Has Ever Talked About
  20. When “the Worst Is Always Certain”
  21. Dying Under Giscard d'Estaing
  22. And Why Not a Fool in Suspenders?
  23. The Women of Jebel Hussein
  24. Interview with Hubert Fichte
  25. Near Ajloun
  26. The Tenacity of American Blacks
  27. Chartres Cathedral
  28. Violence and Brutality
  29. Interview with Tahar Ben Jelloun
  30. The Brothers Karamazov
  31. Interview with Antoine Bourseiller
  32. Interview with Bertrand Poirot-Delpech
  33. Four Hours in Shatila
  34. Registration No. 1155
  35. Interview with Rüdiger Wischenbart and Layla Shahid Barrada
  36. Interview with Nigel Williams

Appendix 1: The Members of the Assembly

Appendix 2: A Salute to a Hundred Thousand Stars