Culture and Economic Life

Frederick Wherry, Jennifer C. Lena series editors
Marcela Maxfield, SUP editor

Diverse sets of actors create meaning in markets: consumers and socially engaged actors from below; producers, suppliers, and distributors from above; and the gatekeepers and intermediaries that span these levels. Scholars have studied the interactions of people, objects, and technology; charted networks of innovation and diffusion among producers and consumers; and explored the categories that constrain and enable economic action. Culture and Economic Life captures the many angles in which these phenomena have been investigated and presents the studies to enliven and advance current theoretical and empirical debates across disciplines. The series also hosts books for a broad audience informing policy and public debates in the for- and not-for-profit sectors. The series serves as a high-profile forum for discussing the evolution, creation, and consequences of commerce and culture.

Editorial Board: Gabriel Abend, Michel Anteby, Nina Bandelj, Shyon Baumann, Katherine Chen, Nigel Dodd, Amir Goldberg, David Grazian, Wendy Griswold, Brayden King, Charles Kirschbaum, Omar Lizardo, Bill Maurer, Elizabeth Pontikes, Gabriel Rossman, Lyn Spillman, Klaus Weber, Christine Williams, Viviana Zelizer

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