Cultural Memory in the Present

Hent de Vries, series editor
Erica Wetter, SUP editor

“Cultural memory” is the hospitable denominator that encompasses any present production and organization of words and things, gestures and images, sounds and silences, that are steeped in a past that is anything but over. Books in Cultural Memory in the Present move beyond conventionally defined subject areas and disciplinary boundaries and locate themselves at the intersection of theory and criticism as well as of literary and political practice. Their topics include interrogations of accepted canons and institutions, archives and apparatuses, across a diverse array of fields including philosophy beyond its historical and geographical divides, global religion and its public theologies, the anthropology of contemporary communities old and new, media studies of ever newer visual technologies, and studies of literary texts and their transformative effect. The series Cultural Memory in the Present has introduced many major thinkers to the English-speaking world over the years as well as showcased innovative work closer to home. It has an international reputation and has become synonymous with some of the best and most cutting-edge theoretical work in the humanities today.

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