Stanford British Histories

Priya Satia, Series Editor

Margo Irvin, SUP Editor

Stanford British Histories publishes new works of scholarship that expand our understanding of British culture, society, and power from regional to global scales. This series highlights histories of Britain and its empire that attend to the roles of institutions, systemic forces, and global historical forces such as capitalism, imperialism, and globalization, but that also recognize and value individual agency and lived experience. The series aims to bridge the early modern/late modern divide, and is particularly interested in projects that prioritize the voices of historical subjects who have previously been elided, including imperial subjects, the working classes, and other marginalized groups. At the same time, books in the series take seriously the material impact of institutions such as the military and imperial administration. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, histories of ecology and the environment; military history and the history of war; violence and resistance; infrastructure and resource extraction; foodways and human-animal studies; histories of economic life; education; science, medicine, information, intelligence, technology, and knowledge production; intellectual history and the history of political movements; and the history of gender, race, and class.

Stanford British Histories books receive support from the Peter Stansky Publication Fund in British Studies.