Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and Islamic Societies and Cultures

Laleh Khalili, series editor
Kate Wahl, SUP editor
Joel Beinin, founding editor

This series explores the social and political conditions that enable various forms of cultural expression in the Middle East—whether Islamic, nationalist, or secular—and the ways in which these forms legitimate regimes and operate as social movements. Books in this series are particularly concerned with the relationships between the new international economy, local states, national and sub-national communities, and local, regional, and transnational forms of culture. With a chronological focus from World War II to the present, this series produces books of cutting-edge scholarship and broad appeal that address the region spanning from Morocco to Pakistan—the zone that constitutes the historic core of the Muslim-majority world.

Editorial Board: Asef Bayat, Marilyn Booth, Laurie Brand, Timothy Mitchell, Jillian Schwedler, Rebecca L. Stein, Max Weiss

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