Spiritual Phenomena

Tanya Marie Luhrmann, Ann Taves, series editors
Dylan Kyung-lim White, SUP editor

Spiritual Phenomena features investigations of events, experiences, and objects, both unusual and everyday, that people characterize as spiritual, paranormal, magical, occult and/or supernatural. Working from the presupposition that the status of such phenomena is contested, it seeks to understand how such determinations are made in a variety of historical and cultural contexts. Books in the series explore how such phenomena are identified, experienced and understood; the role that spontaneity and cultivation play in the process; and the similarities and differences in the way phenomena are appraised and categorized across time and cultures. The editors encourage work that is ethnographic, historical, or psychological, and, in particular, work that uses more than one method to understand these complex phenomena, ranging from the qualitative to quantitative surveys and laboratory based experiments. Series books should therefore be accessible to a broad intellectual audience of scholars working from across the humanities and the behavioral sciences.