Cover of Beyond Bullsh*t by Samuel A. Culbert
Beyond Bullsh*t
Straight-Talk at Work
Samuel A. Culbert


168 pages.
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Hardcover ISBN: 9780804758857
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Finalist (Business - Motivational category) in the 2008 National Best Books 2008 Awards, sponsored by the USA Book News.

Straight-talk at work! Grumblings in offices everywhere suggest that we crave more, but don't get often enough of it. Beyond Bullsh*t reveals the dynamics of bullsh*t and why it has become the corporate etiquette of choice. It also explains how telling it straight contributes to personal well-being and business success.

After decades of research and consulting, Samuel A. Culbert is convinced that straight-talk at work is possible. But it requires more than luck and willing people. Straight-talk is the product of thoughtful, caring relationships, built upon trust and commitment. There's no greater contribution to operational effectiveness and success than conversations in which people with conflicting viewpoints discuss their differences forthrightly.

Readers will be engaged and delighted as the text demystifies the obstacles to getting beyond bullsh*t and guides them in developing straight-talk relationships. Further details are available at

About the author

Samuel A. Culbert is Professor of Management at UCLA Anderson School of Management. He is author of Get Rid of the Performance Review! (2010). He is the recipient of the American Association of Publishers Best Management Book of the Year award and the Harvard Business Review McKinsey Award.

"In this sober guide to understanding and moving past 'bullsh*t' at work, author and management professor Culbert (Don't Kill the Bosses!) explains the value of and strategy behind 'straight-talk relationships' in the office. Unlike others who have tackled the subject (most notably Harry Frankfurt), Culbert emphasizes bullsh*t's vital role in many situations."

—Publishers Weekly

"Culbert, a professor of management, points out that 'telling the truth' can be just as one-sided and manipulative as the self-serving posturing he calls 'bullsh*t.' To send an honest message that actually reaches listeners, the teller requires a preestablished relationship of trust and a listener who is willing to improve. The teller needs to offer only the truth she sees and to frame the message according to the listener's perspectives and goals. If these conditions are not present to at least some degree, Culbert says, people are better off just posturing. Still, for those willing to make the effort, he adds that reciprocal straight talk can be immensely valuable for an organization and individuals' careers."

Harvard Business Review

"Great, enduring brands demand (and respond to) straight talk from their customers, employees and stakeholders. Sam Culberts book brings that message to life."

—Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks

"Beyond Bullsh*t shows why the little moments in organizational life matter so much and how to make the most out of them. Culbert has written the wisest book that I've ever read about what it takes to build a humane and effective workplace. And, this little masterpiece is a joy to read because every page oozes with Culbert's own experience, straight talk, and charm."

—Robert Sutton, Stanford University, author of The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't

"I read this book by randomly sampling pages. Every sample was a treasure! This is a wise and wonderful book!"

—Tom Peters, Chairman Tom Peters Company

"Beyond Bullsh*t is a wonderful book! Clever and clear, it's a tour d' force on how to circumvent bullsh*t and when to talk straight at work."

—Walter Nord, Distinguished University Professor,University of South Florida

"Culbert nailed it. This book is a masterpiece and every word is so true. This is what he's been writing about and teaching his whole career. And, that's not bullsh*t. He's always stood for direct, valid, and candid human relationships. Those who took his straight-talk to heart flourished as a result. As Bennis says, in his foreword, it is indeed his 'master stroke.'"

—Beverly Kaye, CEO/Founder Career Systems International and Co-Author of Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay