Cover of Flora of Alaska and Neighboring Territories by Eric Hulten
Flora of Alaska and Neighboring Territories
A Manual of the Vascular Plants
Eric Hulten


1032 pages.

Hardcover ISBN: 9780804706438



This monumental work by the world's preeminent authority on Arctic floras—the first comprehensive, up-to-date botanic manual for this region—is the product of the author's more than forty years of study of circumpolar floras. The book describes and illustrates all flowering plants and vascular cryptograms known to occur in Alaska, the Yukon, the Mackenzie District, and the eastern extremity of Siberia.

Some 1,974 taxa, belonging to 1,559 species, occur in this region; all are described. For 1,735 of these, the book provides detailed description, nomenclature, plant drawing, and range maps. In each case, one map gives distribution in the Alaskan region; a second, on circumpolar projection, gives worldwide range. This volume is the first major flora to assemble such comprehensive range data and to provide such maps.

An analytic key to all species described is provided for each genus, and there is an artificial key to families. An Introduction describes the past and present climatic, geologic, and ecologic character of the regions covered, the history of botanical collection in these regions, and the book's treatment of botanical and taxonomic details; and lists the plants of neighboring regions likely to occur. Glossary, plant authors' list, bibliography, and indexes are provided. The superb drawings were prepared by Dagny Tande-Lid, and eight pages of illustration in color are included.

About the author

The late Eric Hultén was Director Emeritus of the Botanical Department of the State Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, and the author of numerous works dealing with the flora of the Arctic.

"This book is both monumental as a culmination of research and magnificent as a publication. . . . Both author and publisher are to be congratulated. It is a beautiful production of a piece of work of outstanding character, and it is one which will be useful for centuries."


"Alaska . . . suddenly jumps into the lead as that one of the United States with what is undoubtedly the most attractive and profound treatment of its vascular plants. . . . The author is to be congratulated upon a fine achievement, Stanford University Press for its superb execution of its publishing responsibility."


"A model flora, incorporating an extraordinary amount of personal experience and insight. . . . The book is a triumph by any standards and certainly a new milestone in the floristic literature of North America."

Plant Science Bulletin

"This is a superb book in every respect. Without question, it will be the standard and authoritative reference concerning plants of the region it covers for many years to come."


"Probably the most important botanical book which has been published in America in several decades."


"It is truly a scientific work of art. . . . Here is a genuine classic in phytogeographical systematics, and Professor Hulten, his scientific collaborators, and the Stanford University Press are to be congratulated on a magnificent book."

The Bryologist

"A beautiful book! . . . The flora of Alaska will amply repay careful study by generations of future botanists, all of whom will be indebted to Eric Hulten for this landmark in the botany of North America."