Cover of Republicanism, Liberty, and Commercial Society, 1649-1776 by Edited by David Wootton
Republicanism, Liberty, and Commercial Society, 1649-1776
Edited by David Wootton


512 pages.

Hardcover ISBN: 9780804723565



This book examines republicanism in an Anglo-American and European context from the execution Charles I to the publication of Tom Paine's Common Sense. t gives weight not only to the thought of the theorists of republicanism but also the practical experience of republican governments in England, Geneva, the Netherlands, and Venice.

The first six chapters of the book, along with David Wootton's Introduction, consider the meaning of republicanism and its historiography. From its theoretical conception to its historical development, contributors examine how thinkers the likes of Hobbes and Montesquieu discussed the key issues of virtue, commerce, and liberty in conjunction with republicanism, and to what extent republicanism was an inheritor of or departure from classical ideals.

In the latter chapters of the book, contributors turn their attention from theory to application, turning to look at the experiences of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century republics such as Geneva, the Netherlands, and Venice.

About the author

David Wootton holds the Landsowne Chair in Humanities and is Professor of History at the University of Victoria, British Columbia. He is the author of Paolo Sarpi: Between Renaissance and Enlightenment.