Cover of Globalization and Development by Edited by José Antonio Ocampo and Juan Martin, ECLAC
Globalization and Development
A Latin American and Caribbean Perspective
Edited by José Antonio Ocampo and Juan Martin, ECLAC


232 pages.

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Globalization and Development draws upon the experiences of the Latin American and Caribbean region to provide a multidimensional assessment of the globalization process from the perspective of developing countries. Based on a study by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), this book gives a historical overview of economic development in the region and presents both an economic and noneconomic agenda that addresses disparity, respects diversity, and fosters complementarity among regional, national, and international institutions.

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About the authors

José Antonio Ocampo is Executive Secretary of ECLAC. Juan Martin is Special Advisor to the Executive Secretary of ECLAC.

“...this volume is one of the most useful and incisive texts currently available on Latin america and the global economy, offering an analysis that stands up to and advances the high standards set by ECLAC over the last 50 years.”—International Affairs