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New Directions in the Study of China's Foreign Policy
Edited by Alastair Iain Johnston and Robert S. Ross


504 pages.
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Hardcover ISBN: 9780804753623
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This book brings together several generations of specialists in Chinese foreign policy to present readers with current research on both new and traditional topics. The authors draw on a wide range of new materials—archives, documents, memoirs, opinion polls, and interviews—to examine traditional issues such as China's use of force from 1959 to the present, and new issues such as China's response to globalization, its participation in several international economic institutions, and the role of domestic opinion in its foreign policy.

The book also offers a number of suggestions about the topics, methods, and sources that the Chinese foreign policy field needs to examine and address if it is to grow in richness, rigor, and relevance.

About the authors

Alastair Iain Johnston is the Laine Professor of China and the World at Harvard University. Robert S. Ross is Professor of Political Science at Boston College and Research Associate at Harvard's Fairbank Center for East Asian Research.

"The authors of New Directions, more so than those of earlier volumes, amply demonstrate that rigor and richness are mutually reinforcing the study of Chinese foreign policy. Their theoretically informed chapters are based on extensive use of Chinese sources, interviews, and fieldwork, and those authors who test theory most explicitly (Peter Hays Gries and Alastair Iain Johnston) could not have done so as profitably without a profound knowledge of China and Chinese language ability."

China Review International

"New Directions represents the state of the art in the field of Chinese foreign policy."

International Spectator

"The contributions are uniformly of high quality and on important and timely topics. An impressive blend of theory and policy relevance comes through in every chapter."

Pacific Affairs

"All the essays in this excellent volume, which I have assigned to my course on Chinese foreign policy, are produced by highly knowledgeable analysts. The book's applications of Whiting's hypothesis and the author's use of diverse social science methodologies to explore a host of vital issues end up as does informed common sense. The result is a very good book."

Journal of Chinese Political Science