Index of Authors, Editors, and Translators

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Cadava, Eduardo [Author], Emerson and the Climates of History
Calarco, Matthew [Editor], Giorgio Agamben: Sovereignty and Life
Calder, Kent [Author], The Making of Northeast Asia
Calvin, Jack [Author], Between Pacific Tides: Fifth Edition
Camiller, Patrick [Translated by], The Last Years of Karl Marx: An Intellectual Biography
Campbell, Timothy C. [Translated by], Communitas: The Origin and Destiny of Community
Campbell, Tom [Author], Separation of Powers in Practice
Carmines, Edward G. [Editor], Prejudice, Politics, and the American Dilemma
           Motherhood: A Confession
Carter, Steven D. [Translated by], Traditional Japanese Poetry: An Anthology
Cassedy, Steven [Author], Dostoevsky’s Religion
Cassuto, Leonard [Editor], Rereading Jack London
           On Plato's "Statesman"
           Figures of the Thinkable
Cavell, Stanley [Author], Emerson’s Transcendental Etudes
Celermajer, Danielle [Editor], The Subject of Human Rights
Chanda, Nayan [Editor], The Paradox of a Global USA
Chander, Anupam [Editor], Securing Privacy in the Internet Age
Chang, Gordon [Editor], Caste and Outcast
Chang, Gordon H. [Editor], Asian American Art: A History, 1850-1970
Chang, Kang-i Sun [Editor], Writing Women in Late Imperial China
Chekhov, Anton [Author], Five Plays
Cheng, Thomas K. [Editor], Competition Law and Development
           Competition and the State
Chernock, Arianne [Author], Men and the Making of Modern British Feminism
           The Fire and the Tale
           What Is Philosophy?
           What Is Real?
Chowdhury, Nusrat Sabina [Author], Paradoxes of the Popular: Crowd Politics in Bangladesh
Christensen, Johan [Author], The Power of Economists within the State
Chu, Hsiao-Yun [Editor], New Views on R. Buckminster Fuller
Ciorciari, John D. [Author], Sovereignty Sharing in Fragile States
Cipolloni, Marco [Editor], The Anthropology of the Enlightenment
Cixous, Hélène [Author], Veils
           Insister of Jacques Derrida
Clayton, Meg Waite [Foreword by], Innocent Witnesses: Childhood Memories of World War II
Clough, Lauretta C. [Translated by], The State Nobility: Elite Schools in the Field of Power
Clune, Michael W. [Author], Writing Against Time
Cogan, John F. [Editor], Continuity and Change in House Elections
Cohen, Jeffrey E. [Editor], Public Opinion in State Politics
Collier, Jane Fishburne [Author], Marriage and Inequality in Classless Societies
Collier, Jane Fishburne [Editor], Gender and Kinship: Essays Toward a Unified Analysis
Collins, George [Translated by], Technics and Time, 1: The Fault of Epimetheus
Collopy, Fred [Editor], Managing as Designing
Conley, Tom [Translated by], Parages
           Styles of Seriousness
Constable, Marianne [Author], Our Word Is Our Bond: How Legal Speech Acts
Cook, Eleanor [Author], Against Coercion: Games Poets Play
Cooper, G. Burns [Author], Mysterious Music: Rhythm and Free Verse
Coox, Alvin D. [Author], Nomonhan: Japan Against Russia, 1939
Costlow, Jane T. [Editor], Sexuality and the Body in Russian Culture
Cottle, Richard W. [Editor], Education in a Research University
Cottle, Richard [Editor], The Basic George B. Dantzig
Countess of Frederiksborg, Alexandra Christina, [Author], The Sincerity Edge: How Ethical Leaders Build Dynamic Businesses
Crane, Susan A. [Author], Nothing Happened: A History
Crane, Susan A. [Editor], Museums and Memory
Cranston, Alan [Author], The Sovereignty Revolution
Cranston, Edwin A. [Translated by], A Waka Anthology: Volume One: The Gem-Glistening Cup
Cranston, Edwin A. [Translated by], A Waka Anthology, Volume Two: Grasses of Remembrance
Cranston, Kim [Editor], The Sovereignty Revolution
Crisler, Jesse S. [Editor], Charles W. Chesnutt: Essays and Speeches
Croat, Thomas B. [Author], Flora of Barro Colorado Island
Cronin, Matthew A. [Author], The Craft of Creativity
Cropanzano, Russell S. [Editor], Advances in Organizational Justice
Cross, Frank [Author], The Failed Promise of Originalism
Cross, Kathleen [Translated by], The Reality of the Mass Media
Crowell, Steven [Editor], Transcendental Heidegger
Crowley, David [Editor], Communication Theory Today
Culbert, Samuel A. [Author], Beyond Bullsh*t: Straight-Talk at Work
           The Literary in Theory
Curtis, David Ames [Editor], On Plato's "Statesman"
Cusumano, Eugenio [Editor], Diplomatic Security: A Comparative Analysis
Cutler, Robert W. P. [Author], The Mysterious Death of Jane Stanford