Index of Authors, Editors, and Translators

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Dahler-Larsen, Peter [Author], The Evaluation Society
Dalrymple, G. Brent [Author], The Age of the Earth
Damisch, Hubert [Author], Skyline: The Narcissistic City
Dando, Malcolm [Author], Preventing a Biochemical Arms Race
Dangerfield, George [Author], The Strange Death of Liberal England
Dango, Michael [Author], Crisis Style: The Aesthetics of Repair
Danon, Vitalis [Author], Ninette of Sin Street
Darda, Joseph [Author], The Strange Career of Racial Liberalism
Davis, Cynthia [Author], Charlotte Perkins Gilman: A Biography
Davis, Margo [Author], Under One Sky
Davis, Winston [Author], Dojo: Magic and Exorcism in Modern Japan
Davoine, Françoise [Author], Mother Folly: A Tale
de Chadarevian, Soraya [Editor], Models: The Third Dimension of Science
de la Durantaye, Leland [Author], Giorgio Agamben: A Critical Introduction
de Lagasnerie, Geoffroy [Author], The Art of Revolt: Snowden, Assange, Manning
de Silanes, Florencio Lopez [Author], Privatization in Latin America: Myths and Reality
de Stadelhofen, Sarah Meyer [Translated by], Judging War, Judging History: Behind Truth and Reconciliation
           Religion and Media
DeBevoise, M. B. [Translated by], The Mark of the Sacred
DeBevoise, Malcolm [Translated by], Religion: Rereading What Is Bound Together
Debreczeny, Paul [Translated by], Alexander Pushkin: Complete Prose Fiction
DeCaroli, Steven [Editor], Giorgio Agamben: Sovereignty and Life
Defourneaux, Marcelin [Author], Daily Life in Spain in the Golden Age
Delaporte, François [Author], Anatomy of the Passions
Denejkine, Andrei [Translated by], Reflections of Equality
Dent, Alexander Sebastian [Author], Digital Pirates: Policing Intellectual Property in Brazil
Derrida, Jacques [Author], Aporias
           Points...: Interviews, 1974-1994
           On the Name
Derrida, Jacques [Introduction by], Typography: Mimesis, Philosophy, Politics
Derrida, Jacques [Author], Resistances of Psychoanalysis
           Adieu to Emmanuel Levinas
           Of Hospitality
           Without Alibi
           For What Tomorrow . . .: A Dialogue
           On Touching—Jean-Luc Nancy
           Rogues: Two Essays on Reason
           Paper Machine
           H. C. for Life, That Is to Say...
Descombes, Vincent [Author], Proust: Philosophy of the Novel
Detienne, Marcel [Author], The Daily Life of the Greek Gods
           Comparing the Incomparable
Deutsch, Otto Erich [Author], Mozart: A Documentary Biography
Diamond, James S. [Translated by], The Parable and Its Lesson: A Novella
Docherty, Thomas [Author], Aesthetic Democracy
Domańska, Ewa [Editor], Re-Figuring Hayden White
Domes, Jurgen [Author], P’eng Te-huai: The Man and the Image
Dondi, Angelo [Author], Legal Ethics: A Comparative Study
Dossani, Rafiq [Editor], Prospects for Peace in South Asia
Douglas, Lawence [Editor], The Secrets of Law
Douglas, Lawrence [Editor], Law on the Screen
           The Limits of Law
           How Law Knows
           Law and the Sacred
           Law and Catastrophe
           Law and the Stranger
           Law without Nations
           Law and War
           Law and the Utopian Imagination
Dowling, Julie A. [Editor], Governing Immigration Through Crime: A Reader
           Police and the Liberal State
Dubber, Markus [Editor], The Handbook of Comparative Criminal Law
DuFord, Rochelle [Author], Solidarity in Conflict: A Democratic Theory
Dufourmantelle, Anne [Author], Of Hospitality
           Against Freud: Critics Talk Back
Duignan, Peter [Author], The Rulers of German Africa, 1884-1914
Dunlop, Lane [Translated by], During the Rains & Flowers in the Shade
Dupuy, Jean-Pierre [Author], The Mark of the Sacred
Dutoit, Thomas [Translated by], Aporias